3rd year student!

Well, it’s far too long since I last even thought about posting.

I’m done with two years of university, training to teach in a primary school. Today I had confirmation that I’ve passed the second year and am safely enrolled onto the third and final year.

Being on placement and in the classroom has been great, and I was in a really fantastic school. It wasn’t so great that the last week of placement was the week in which it was announced by the UK government that the schools would be closing – which resulted in the university pulling all students from their placements. That sucked, because it meant I didn’t have the same amount of time to say goodbye to the kids as I thought I was going to have! I’m looking forward to the next placement though, because I’ll be doing a lot more teaching and in school for a much longer stretch of time – assuming that schools are going to be willing to take on trainee teachers for placements, given that we’re still dealing with a global pandemic and all.

And there are only 4 modules next year too. So only 3 written assignments, one of which is a dissertation/project type thing, for which I already have an idea and will start the reading and research on in the next few weeks.

Everything else seemse to be muddling along as well as can be expected considering. The one thing I am gutted about is that Greenbelt is not happening this year. I understand why, and am glad that the organisers have taken this step. It won’t stop me missing what is the highlight of my summer.

I think the best thing of the last 12 months was getting a mark of 82 (out of 100) on an assignment. There have been many things which haven’t been brilliant, but that was definitely near the top of the list for the good things.

The coming 12 months are going to be very unpredictable, that’s for sure. I just hope that I can keep up with the uni work.

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Contemplations over a big mug of tea

It’s about a year since I last posted.  Ooops.

So I’m a university student, a sister and a reader in training.  It’s a bit of a juggle, and there are days when it’s not easy, but most of the time it’s OK.  Right now I have two assignments due quite close together, the first one for readers and the second for uni.  It’s a BA in Primary Education that comes with qualified teacher status, as one module in each year is time spent in schools on teaching practice/placement tasks.

I’m still running, still knitting, still crocheting.  These help keep me sane when things start getting a bit much.  I’m really glad that there are three weeks away from uni right now because I don’t think I could juggle Holy Week and classes.  That would be more than I could cope with.  I’ve also discovered colouring mandalas via Pinterest, which are wonderful to do with the pack of sharpies I got back in October (they were seriously reduced and I also got student discount otherwise I’d not have bought them).

As well as the fire at Notre Dame yesterday, there was a fire at the principle Mosque in Jerusalem.  There have been three churches in the USA notable for their congregations being made up of people of colour who have been targeted by arsonists recently too.  Not all of these are related, but the way that the media has reacted to the events is notable.  There’s almost nothing in the mainstream UK news about Jerusalem.

All the pictures on Twitter on Sunday from assorted places of worship with their donkeys in procession for Palm Sunday made me miss the donkeys the order used to look after back in Whitby.  They were rehomed three years ago, but I still miss them.  At least that experience made for a good starting point when I preached my first sermon on Sunday morning.  Jesus hops on that donkey as though the wee thing was a bicycle and it doesn’t freak out.  That is definitely a miracle.

My mental health situation is mostly balanced at the moment, but the previous few months have had some very hard times, for a wide variety of reasons.  I keep on plodding on, and somehow manage to get out of bed even on the days when I’d really rather not.  Not sure how I do that, but it keeps on happening so I’m just going to run with it.  (Perhaps it’s just that it’s easier to get up and go to morning prayer than to have a discussion about my mental state?)

Listening to the radio the other day, they played a song that reminds me of being a kid.  So I’ll leave it here to end with, because it’s cheery if nothing else!

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Luxury Advent Calendar for the Soul – 24 December

The last window for this year.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Happy Christmas and Happy Holy Days to everyone.

Bryony Taylor

So I’ve saved for the final window one of my all time favourite pieces of Christmas music and one of my all time favourite YouTube videos. Enjoy and may you have a peaceful and blessed Christmas!

The Latin lyrics being sung are:


Latin Translation ©2001 by Charles Anthony Silvestri

(English poem by Edward Esch)

LUX,                                              Light,

CALIDA GRAVISQUE                warm and heavy

PURA VELUT AURUM               as pure gold,

ET CANUNT ANGELI                  and the angels sing softly

MOLLITER MODO NATUM.       to the newborn babe.

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Luxury Advent Calendar for the Soul – 23 December

Bryony Taylor

Behind today’s window is a short animated poem by my friend Nick. I think it’s fantastic!

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Luxury Advent Calendar for the Soul – 22 December

Bryony Taylor

Behind today’s window is another poem. This is almost a fixture now at our traditional carol service and is usually read by Ros, one of our Lay Readers. It is so moving.

‘Mary’, by Lisa Debney

Your eyes are open now.
Those eyes which will open the eyes of others.
You study my face and, just for the moment,
though you came for the world,
you are mine and mine alone.
I made you and you made me
and we gaze at each other in equal wonderment.

Your eyes are open now,
so dark-bright –
sent from a night full of light and stars –
that I could watch you for ever,
watch your chest rise and fall
as you breathe the cattle-soaked air.
I would like this moment to last for ever,
you are so wonderful to me,
so truly wonderful as you are.

But not my will, Lord…

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Luxury Advent Calendar for the Soul – 21 December

Bryony Taylor

Behind today’s window is a sonnet. I was inspired by this for my sermon I’m preaching this Sunday morning for Advent 4 – which celebrates the Virgin Mary.

Annunciation – Malcolm Guite

We see so little, stayed on surfaces,

We calculate the outsides of all things,

Preoccupied with our own purposes

We miss the shimmer of the angels’ wings,

They coruscate around us in their joy

A swirl of wheels and eyes and wings unfurled,

They guard the good we purpose to destroy,

A hidden blaze of glory in God’s world.

But on this day a young girl stopped to see

With open eyes and heart. She heard the voice;

The promise of His glory yet to be,

As time stood still for her to make a choice;

Gabriel knelt and not a feather stirred,

The Word himself was waiting on her word.

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Luxury Advent Calendar for the Soul – 20 December

Bryony Taylor

Behind today’s window is a recommendation! I recommend that you watch this documentary on the BBC iPlayer. The documentary is about Danny Boyle and Banksy staging a nativity play in Bethlehem near the Wall in the West Bank – the play itself will be broadcast tonight at 11pm on BBC 2.



I was incredibly moved to see what life in modern day Bethlehem is like. It will change the way you feel about those carols about Bethlehem this Christmas.

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Luxury Advent Calendar for the Soul – 19 December

Bryony Taylor

Behind today’s window is an advent responsory. This is what is prayed each morning as part of the Daily Office in Advent and I rather like it as it sounds a bit like something from Game of Thrones (or rather Game of Thrones’ liturgy sounds like ours)! You might like to make this part of your prayers today:

Now it is time to awake out of sleep,
for the night is far spent and the day is at hand.

Now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed,
for the night is far spent.

Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness
and put on the armour of light,
for the day is at hand.

Put on the Lord Jesus Christ
and make no provision for the flesh,
for the night is far spent and the day is at hand.

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Luxury Advent Calendar for the Soul – 18 December

Bryony Taylor

Behind today’s window is a film. This film was made as part of an online competition called the Nativity Factor to create a short film that communicates the Christmas story in a new way – this is one of my favourite finalists:

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Luxury Advent Calendar for the Soul – 17 December

Bryony Taylor

Behind today’s window is an extract from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

This Sunday is Gaudete Sunday, yes, the one with the pink (sorry, rose) candle!

The point of the rose candle is to stop us in our tracks, it’s supposed to stand out and make you go, ‘why’s that there?’ just as the reading from Isaiah set for this Sunday says “the desert shall rejoice and blossom” (Isa 35:1). Blossom in the desert would make you sit up and take notice. Gaudete Sunday is all about taking notice of the signs of the coming kingdom, the glimmer of light in the darkness.

I don’t think I can encapsulate the mood of Gaudete Sunday any better than CS Lewis in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. He uses the appearing of Father Christmas in the land where it is ‘always winter and never Christmas’ as an…

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