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Change, and change again

In 2018, I started at the University of Sunderland to train to become a Primary School teacher. At this point in time, I was still very confident that God wanted me in the Order of the Holy Paraclete, despite having … Continue reading

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Contemplations over a big mug of tea

It’s about a year since I last posted.  Ooops. So I’m a university student, a sister and a reader in training.  It’s a bit of a juggle, and there are days when it’s not easy, but most of the time … Continue reading

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Bible reading

We’re required to spend a minimum of 15 minutes each day reading scripture.  This is in addition to the Bible readings we get in the daily office. Some days, it’s more difficult than others…

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Holding everything in common

Part of the vow of poverty means that we don’t technically own anything of our own and we share stuff with the rest of the community. Of course things like clothes are bought (or in the case of habits, made) … Continue reading

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Nun on the run…

Hardly an original title, but a little over 12 months ago I signed up to parkrun. My sister has been running for a while, to get fit and lose weight, and then another sister OHP took up running, and I … Continue reading

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