3rd year student!

Well, it’s far too long since I last even thought about posting.

I’m done with two years of university, training to teach in a primary school. Today I had confirmation that I’ve passed the second year and am safely enrolled onto the third and final year.

Being on placement and in the classroom has been great, and I was in a really fantastic school. It wasn’t so great that the last week of placement was the week in which it was announced by the UK government that the schools would be closing – which resulted in the university pulling all students from their placements. That sucked, because it meant I didn’t have the same amount of time to say goodbye to the kids as I thought I was going to have! I’m looking forward to the next placement though, because I’ll be doing a lot more teaching and in school for a much longer stretch of time – assuming that schools are going to be willing to take on trainee teachers for placements, given that we’re still dealing with a global pandemic and all.

And there are only 4 modules next year too. So only 3 written assignments, one of which is a dissertation/project type thing, for which I already have an idea and will start the reading and research on in the next few weeks.

Everything else seemse to be muddling along as well as can be expected considering. The one thing I am gutted about is that Greenbelt is not happening this year. I understand why, and am glad that the organisers have taken this step. It won’t stop me missing what is the highlight of my summer.

I think the best thing of the last 12 months was getting a mark of 82 (out of 100) on an assignment. There have been many things which haven’t been brilliant, but that was definitely near the top of the list for the good things.

The coming 12 months are going to be very unpredictable, that’s for sure. I just hope that I can keep up with the uni work.

About faithhopechocolate

I am now a junior sister in a religious order. The aim of this blog is partly to explain what is involved in this, and to journal my experiences as I move from the secular world to the religious life.
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5 Responses to 3rd year student!

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Yay. First Alice pops into my inbox, and now you! My joy is immeasurable.

  2. I’ve really missed you, and was wondering how you were doing! I’m so glad to know you’re still around xxx

    • Things have been rather interesting over the last year or so, and are continuing to be so. But now, apart from the pandemic, it’s interesting in a good way, which is a positive thing! The notification of your post has arrived, so I shall go and read and catch up with your news! xx

  3. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Oh, how wonderful to hear from you and hear you’re doing well, especially with everything. I’m very proud of you for your score of 82 (!), and I continue to be inspired by what I can only describe as your indomitable spirit!

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