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Contemplations over a big mug of tea

It’s about a year since I last posted.  Ooops. So I’m a university student, a sister and a reader in training.  It’s a bit of a juggle, and there are days when it’s not easy, but most of the time … Continue reading

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Feast of St Cecelia

The patron saint of musicians.  So prayers for everyone who plays an instrument, writes songs or music, and my thanks to all the composers and hymn writers past and present who have produced some amazing music that’s helped me in … Continue reading

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Feast of St Hilda

Please note that this is a scheduled post because I’m actually in retreat today. Hilda, or Hild, of Whitby, is the patron saint of the town of Whitby.  She’s really quite an interesting woman.  Her feast day is today, 17th … Continue reading

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Compline is the last “hour” prayed at the end of the day.  Greater Silence now begins.

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So what am I doing, anyway?

A catch-up post, not a rehtorical question or one of those existential ones. The assignment I’ve been talking about is part of my Reader training.  A Reader is also called a Licenced Lay Minister in other parts of the Church … Continue reading

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All Saints Day

Halloween comes from “All Hallows Eve”.  Something which is hallowed his holy.  Therefore All Hallows means All Saints. History/grammar lesson over. We did have two little skellingtons ring our doorbell last night (their parents were lurking at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Saw this on Facebook

  And I happen to heartily disagree.  What a person chooses to wear should be their own choice, and if they choose to follow a certain style due to their faith (eg covering one’s head) then fine, but I heartily … Continue reading

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