Not long now until we hit December and then we can start opening our Advent calendars.  And yes, we do have a chocolate one here, from the Real Chocolate Company, so it contains the Christmas Story.


My cold is much improved but I am still sneezing.  And they’re generally not subtle sneezes, so I’d just like to apologise to everyone who’s in about a 5 mile radius of where I am for the deafening “wah-choo!!!” that has been happening…!!

About faithhopechocolate

I am now a junior sister in a religious order. The aim of this blog is partly to explain what is involved in this, and to journal my experiences as I move from the secular world to the religious life.
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3 Responses to Satur-yay!

  1. I can’t do a dainty sneeze without hurting myself. Mine all sound like a bomb just went off, which brings in “gesundheits” from several states away…

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