Nun on the run…

Hardly an original title, but a little over 12 months ago I signed up to parkrun.

My sister has been running for a while, to get fit and lose weight, and then another sister OHP took up running, and I decided that it was probably a sensible thing to do.  And it’s one of those things, as soon as you take an interest in a certain activity or desire a certain thing, suddenly there’s people doing the same thing everywhere!

A conversation on Saturday while at Whitby to celebrate a senior sister’s diamond jubilee has put forward the idea that we might aim to do the Tees Pride 10k run at the start of September.  Given that I can do 3 miles/5km in about 35 minutes, in theory, I shouldn’t have a problem doubling the distance…

Part of the inspiration for this comes from watching Mind Over Marathon last week.  I’m not going to be running a marathon any time soon, but 10k is doable.  Then I might work up to the half marathon.  Maybe.

I do know that the times when I have been running have been beneficial to my mental health.  When running, I’m mainly focussing on keeping going, keeping upright and keeping breathing, so I generally don’t think too much about anything else.  Plus with parkrun, having other people around all cheering you on is a really positive feeling, especially on a day when a new personal best is achieved.

Knowing that exercise is good for improving mental health and physical health, and also knowing that singing is good for both mental and physical health, I’m now (somewhat facetiously I have to confess) wondering if anyone’s ever created a choir for depressed runners.

My biggest problem with running during the week is that if I want to run before morning prayer, I really need to be out of bed and out the door at 6am, having already had my personal prayer time, to be back in the house in time to clean up and be properly ready for morning prayer at 7.30.  I don’t think the running counts as part of the personal prayer, even if it is one of the activities in my life when I am most concious of what I am doing at that point in time.  I’m not a morning person, so getting up early enough is proving to be somewhat difficult unless we happen to be in retreat.  I guess I’ll see what this coming week brings, both weather-wise and with regards to my determination and motivation.


About faithhopechocolate

I am now a junior sister in a religious order. The aim of this blog is partly to explain what is involved in this, and to journal my experiences as I move from the secular world to the religious life.
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4 Responses to Nun on the run…

  1. Can you sing while running?

  2. Sue Thomason says:

    Yay! 10km is definitely doable. To *survive* a 10km, you need to have run out to 5 miles in the month or so beforehand; for a *comfortable* 10km you need to have run to 10km (or a little further) in the month beforehand. It’s much easier to get to 10km from 5km than it is to get to 5km from scratch. You can do it. And Tees Pride is a nice run. And also yes, I’m personally convinced that running is good for my physical, mental, and emotional health. And probably my spiritual health, too…

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